I have a coupon

This story is from about a year ago but I felt compelled to share it with the world at this point in time.

Seeing the back-up building in the drive-thru lane I made the decision to venture inside hoping to jump ahead of the line outside.  Bad decision but it turned out to be another contribution to the ever-growing proof that STUPIDITY IS TAKING OVER THE WORLD!

I was hoping for a quick in-and-out but that proved to be shooting too high.  This would prove to be the final nail in the coffin of ever visiting this local King’s burger joint.

I stepped up to the counter to place my order when I noticed a stack of coupons sitting on the counter.  Glancing over I saw a ‘Free Nuggets No purchase Necessary’ coupon on the top of the stack.  As the cashier approached I snatched it off the pile excited about a freebie. 

“What can I get for you today?”

“I would like a Whopper Meal, medium fries, Coke.”  I should have stopped there but those darn kids want to eat every day so I had to continue. 

“I would also like 2 4 piece nuggets and I have a coupon for 1 free nugget.” 

“So 3 4 piece nuggets then?” 

“No, I only want 2 but I have a coupon for 1 of them for free.” 

“Ok, so your order is 1 Whopper Meal, fries, Coke, and 3 4 piece nuggets.  That will be…” 

“Wait, I only wanted 2 4 piece nuggets.”

“Ok, 2 4 piece nuggets then.  Would you like to place another order using your free coupon?”

Stunned I stood there looking like a dog staring at a ceiling fan.  I wasn’t quite sure I wasn’t as clear as I could be so I stammered to try and explain it again. 

“I think you might have misunderstood me on that order.  I wanted to order 2 4 piece nuggets and use this coupon (waving it in air) to pay for 1 of them, not pay for both and then make a 2nd order using the coupon.” 

“Oh, ok, so you wanted 3 4 piece nuggets then?” 

“Ahhhhh……no, never mind.  Just fill the order but I would like to make 1 change before I pay.  Please drop 1 of the 4 piece nuggets.” 

“I thought you wanted 3 4 pieces?” 

“No, just the Whopper meal and 1 4 piece please. 

“But sir, you have a coupon for a free 4 piece.  Did you want to use that for the 1 4 piece?” 

“No, I would like to use it for an additional 4 piece as a separate order now.” 

“Sir, I can put it all under 1 order, that will save you some time.” 

Oh really Captain Obvious?  Meanwhile I have watched at least 4 cars go through the drive-thru.  Each one pushing the dagger a little deeper reminding me why I stopped coming to this location. 

I hand her my money for my Whopper meal and 1 4 piece nugget.  She takes it and walks over to start to assemble my order. 

“Ah Miss, can I have my change please?” 

“Oh, sorry about that.  I thought you wanted to place another order with it.” 

“Never mind, just please get me my order.” 

Meanwhile another cashier comes up to the register and promptly asks “Can I help you today?” 

“Yes, I have a coupon for a free 4 piece nugget that I would like to use.” 

From the assembly area: “I already got his 4 piece nugget for his order.” 

The newbie looks at me and says “She already is taking care of it.” 

“Now, she isn’t.  Please place a new order for me and use this coupon.” 

As the order comes up to be processed the original clueless wonder is stunned.  She whips around and says “How many orders of nuggets do you want to order today?  How should I process this new order?” 

“Just pack up the original order in 1 bag and then place the other item from the new order in the same bag please.” 

“But I thought you wanted 3 4 piece nuggets?” 

I feel like I am arguing with the voiceless kind of scary looking mascot for this place. 

“Just wrap up both orders and I will take them as soon as you can finish them.” 

“Sir, if you wanted 2 orders of nuggets you could have just ordered that in the first place.” 

“Oh, ok, maybe next time I will try and be a little clearer.” 

“Ok, I’m glad we cleared that up.  Did you want to use your coupon now on your next order of nuggets?” 

I felt like jumping in the fryer and ending it all but I promptly took my order, filled my drink cup and made my way out the door.

The bad thing is as I was explaining this story to my family they couldn’t believe my patience and the more people I tell this story the more people who have had similar experiences at this location.  How do they stay in business?


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