The World as one big family

As with every family the world is made up of different members and generations.  Some get along while others merely put up with the others existence.  Here is my breakdown of how I see the world.

Grandparents: China/Japan.  These cultures have been around few a few thousand years and have settled down in their ways.  They don’t get too riled up over little things as they have been around so long they have ‘been there done that‘ and don’t worry over the minor details of life.

Older Parents (Baby Boomers)/Older Great Aunt & Uncles: Europe.  This region of the world was in charge for so long that they are approaching the Grandparents’ attitude of ‘been there done that.’  Nothing much shocks them any more or enough to actually do anything about it but they still aren’t comfortable with all the changes going on around them.  They are laid back in their approach to work and life in general.  Things might not be perfect but they have become accustom to the cycles of life and they are fine with it.  They still secretly wish they ran the show but are content with merely complaining once in awhile from the back row.

Young Parents/20-somethings: United States.  The US is like a set of maturing teenagers/20-somethings who think they know right from wrong and how the world should work if ‘they were in charge’ so they push their weight around being young and strong.  Like new parents they try and adapt to all these new situations in life/the world as they come up.  Sometimes they step up and save the day, other times they get stuck with the poopy diaper.  Their intentions are right minded but their process might not be the easiest to accept by the older generations who might have approached the situation differently but in the end they would rather let the younger generations tackle the hard stuff.  They do alot of the work but never feel like they get enough credit for what they have accomplished yet.

1st Cousins/Aunts/Uncles: Mexico & Central/South America.  Every family has those certain family members that are constantly doing things differently than the norm.  No one really watches their day-to-day movements until you hear a story from another relative on how they screwed up their lives again.  They only show up at big family functions to complain how no one takes them seriously and have never cared for them as much as the other relatives.  In the end they slink back to the shadows of the family gathering winning no more attention than when they first spoke up.

Distance relatives/2nd cousins: Africa.  Every family has that one or two distant relatives that you only hear about every 5-10 years or so.  No one really knows what they do for a living or really care as it doesn’t affect them on a daily basis.  You get an update once in a blue moon about them; some tragedy or something generally upsetting that you think you should call them or offer to help but you never seem to go through enough to actually help or solve the problem completely.  A few days later they have fallen to the back of your mind to be forgotten until the next tragic story.

New family member recently married into the family: India.  They come to the family functions but sit quietly with their partner.  They smile and nod accordingly when someone acknowledges them but never really contributes to the gathering.  They are there for everything but no one really notices them until that one or two times where they aren’t there and their spouse needs to make an excuse for them.  You don’t really believe the story but you give them credit for at least having someone there to participate.

The Crazy Ex-In-Law: Middle East (Recently Russia).  Every family has the one crazy Ex In-law.  No one really liked them when they came into the family.  We all smiled and so did they but something never seemed right with them.  Then something blew up in that relationship and now they are not officially part of the family but because they had kids (Isarel/Palenstine/Iraq,Ex-Russia-Stan etc.) you are stuck with them in the family.  You have to witness the temporary civility of family gatherings only to watch the tension build and finally someone says something that reminds everyone why you never liked them in the first place.  It all winds up out of control until someone else in the family; usually the married into the family loudmouth spouse or hot shot young upstart steps in to try and break it up.  In the end they part ways and everyone just shakes their heads wondering why they ever dealt with them in the first place.


That pretty much covers about 90% of the world.  I’m sure there are plenty of other areas that I could assign a generation or family member to but this has been my model for some time now.  Small remote parts of the world that 90%  couldn’t find on a map if their life depended on it got filtered out.  Areas that are so heavily diverse that it is more of a fight to who actually claims that region also dropped through the filter too.

North/South Poles: those were easy – Polar Bears and Penguins.  After that I don’t really care any more.